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Birth and Postpartum Plans

Birth Plans

Birth Plans (aka "Birth Wish Lists") are a way to begin thinking about what you would like for your birth experience, and to communicate it with your birth team. While no one can predict what will actually happen during the birth process, there are many ways to set the general tone and style of the birth. Some examples of considerations for the birth plan include:

  • Who will be your main source(s) of support?

  • What would you like to use for pain? 

  • Do you prefer for labor to begin naturally, or would you prefer to be induced?

  • Do you want to be very involved in the decision processes if there are complications, or would you prefer your provider do whatever they feel is needed?

When someone has a history of anxiety or trauma, these decisions become even more important. Many need extra reassurance, to avoid triggering language, or to be talked slowly through difficult exams​ in order to avoid panic attacks. For some people, anxiety and trauma can make the pain of labor even more intense, and they would prefer an early epidural. For others, being unable to move with an epidural is a cause for anxiety, and they would prefer natural methods of pain control.


By considering these factors ahead of time, you can work with your birth team to help create a birth experience that will be enjoyable and empowering, rather than re-traumatizing. Dahlia Center has the unique expertise to help guide you through this process, and is able to help adapt Birth Plans to your individual preference and situation.

Postpartum Plans

Many people have a difficult time during the postpartum period, even those with a "textbook" birth and lots of support. Postpartum is when many people experience mood or anxiety symptoms for the first time. It's also common for those with preexisting mood and anxiety disorders to have their symptoms worsen and become more severe. There are many things you can't control (especially now with Covid), but there are many that you can. By being proactive and having a plan in place, you can help ease the transition postpartum so you can feel supported and focus on recovering and bonding with your baby, rather than struggling and being in "survival mode." Dahlia Center can assist you in forming a Postpartum Plan to help you and your family thrive.

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