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My Story

Sarah's journey into pregnancy care began with a profound appreciation for the midwifery model of care during her own pregnancy with her first child. Inspired by this experience, she embarked on a path to support expectant mothers, initially as a doula. Fuelled by her passion, Sarah pursued her nursing education through the University of Illinois at Chicago's accelerated program, graduating in 2017 as a nurse midwife.

Over the years, Sarah has diligently provided holistic, comprehensive, and client-centered reproductive physical health services and mental health care across various Chicago communities. Her commitment to advancing perinatal mental health care led her to obtain certification from Postpartum Support International in 2018, marking her dedication to serving her clients' diverse needs.

However, Sarah's journey didn't end there. Recognizing the fragmented nature of mental health care and the barriers her clients faced, she returned to academia. At Frontier Nursing University, she pursued advanced training as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, driven by the desire to offer more expansive mental health services to individuals of reproductive age.

Sarah's approach is rooted in empathy, trauma-informed care, and a strengths-based philosophy. She prioritizes centering client goals and empowering individuals to navigate their mental health journey with confidence. Her dedication to providing accessible, high-quality care is evident in her work in both private practice and underserved communities.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sarah finds joy in an active lifestyle, from CrossFit sessions to tranquil walks in the woods. A lover of the simple pleasures, she enjoys baking, gardening, and pottery. At home on Chicago's northside, Sarah and her family embrace a modern homesteading lifestyle, complete with furry and feathered companions, including three cats, a loyal dog, and a vibrant garden buzzing with life.

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