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Naperville Women’s Mental Health

Naperville Women’s Mental Health

At Dahlia Center, we stand at the forefront of advancing women's mental health, specializing in perinatal and holistic mental health care. Our mission is deeply rooted in supporting women who are suffering with prenatal or postpartum depression, anxiety, feelings of overwhelming guilt or sadness, and a spectrum of other mental health challenges. We understand that women's mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and we're committed to offering compassionate, individualized care.


Naperville, Illinois is a vibrant, thriving community that mirrors the values and goals of Dahlia Center. This bustling suburb, with its nearly 150,000 residents, is well known for its dedication to community health and wellness. Naperville's charm is amplified by its picturesque Riverwalk, the historic Naper Settlement that offers a glimpse into the past, and the family-friendly Centennial Beach. These landmarks provide a serene environment conducive to mental and emotional healing. The city's commitment to fostering a supportive community aligns with our goal of creating a safe space for women to seek and receive help.


In Naperville, Illinois and the surrounding areas, Dahlia Center is a safe place for those on their journey to mental wellness. We emphasize the importance of women's mental health, ensuring our services are personalized to the specific needs of each client. Treatment plans are developed collaboratively with patients and may include medication, supportive counseling, holistic/integrative treatments, and birth/postpartum planning.


Our telehealth services further our commitment to accessibility, allowing clients to connect with their providers from anywhere in Illinois, ensuring support is just a video call away. At Dahlia Center, we are dedicated to empowering women through comprehensive mental health care in Naperville and beyond.

If you're suffering from prenatal or postpartum depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt or sadness, racing thoughts, panic attacks, rage, or insomnia, you're not alone.  We’re here to help.  Call (815) 270-8700 today or email us at


Naperville Women’s Mental Health

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Dahlia Center for Perinatal Mental Health

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All appointments are completed via telehealth.

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